For your safety and security, Walt’s Auto Care is now providing


  • No-charge within a 5-mile radius of shop
  • Nominal fee outside 5-mile radius
  • Customer may pay by phone
  • Sanitized, considerate service
  • Vehicle must be drive-able and accessible

If you or anyone you know have concerns with leaving home, please do not hesitate to call (360) 871-1756 and let us help.


We know your vehicle is critical. Walt's will work to finish the repair and deliver it back as quickly and carefully as possible.



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 Helpful Staff                       Military and Senior Discounts

Walt’s Auto Care Center offers the best car repair specials and coupons in Port Orchard, WA. Check them out and print, show, or redeem at 3540 SE Mile Hill Drive. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.











Roof to Rubber, Bumper to Bumper, Walt's does it all! While Walt's Auto Care Centers still specialize in and remain the Pacific Northwest's leader in radiators, mufflers & brakes, Walt's has evolved just as today's cars have evolved. 


Whether it is repairing your vehicle or preventing future repairs through our extensive preventative maintenance program, Walt's is committed to exceeding your expectations.



Walt's wrote the book on radiators! WALT'S AUTO CARE CENTERS specializes in cooling  heating system diagnosis and repairs. It's also a good idea to have your vehicle's radiator flushed by a service professional at least every other year (this involves emptying the radiator and flushing your system with an industry-leading chemical treatment).  Click here to learn more about Radiator Repair


Brake failure is the leading mechanical cause of highway accidents. When it comes to brake maintenance, don't wait until you feel your brake pedal pulsate (unless you have anti-lock brakes, in which case a pulsating pedal would be normal in heavy braking situations), hear that high-pitched squealing (caused by the warning bar indicating your brake pads are just about gone), or hear a harsh scraping noise, before you check them out. Most experts agree that your brakes should be checked about every year or every 15,000 miles, though this can vary depending upon how you drive. Brakes can be tricky - let a Walt's professional make the assessment during Walt's free brake inspection.  Click here to learn more about brake repairs


On today's cars (and many of yesterdays), "Exhaust System" is actually a misnomer. Instead of a muffler and a tailpipe, the exhaust system is just one component of a vehicles emission control system. The EC system is typically computer controlled and can include a PCV valve, oxygen sensor, catalytic convertor, EGR valve, exhaust manifold(s), air pump, muffler(s) and tail pipes.

If any of your emission components (PCV valve, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, EGR valve, muffler tail pipe, exhaust manifold or air pump are faulty and in need of repair, your car could be dificult to start, could run roughly or could be excessively noisy. It could also be contributing to air pollution problems. 

When in doubt, have a Walt's certified technician check your entire emission syste,. This should be done every 6,000 miles or six months.  Click here to learn more about exhaust and muffler repairs.


Feeling the heat, no sweat! From basic evacuations and recharges to custom insallations and retro-fits, WALT'S AUTO CARE CENTERS does Air Conditioing. Let Walt's inspect your air conditioning system today. All of our A/C technicians are certified and trained in the proper handling of air conditioning refrigerant that if released improperly can harm the environment.  Click here to learn more about Air Conditioning Repairs.


From turn signal bulbs to complete wire harnesses, WALT'S AUTO CARE CENTERS can do the job. A car that won't start is not only frustrating, it can also leave you stranded. Walt's recommends having your starting and charging system tested once a year. 

A quick test by our certified technicians will let you know the condition of your battery, starter and alternator. If after testing the system it's determined you need to replace a component, Walt's can help. Every year we install thousands of starters, alernators and batteries for our customers.   Click here to learn more about Batteries.



Your tires connect you directly to the road surface and are the single most important safety item on your vehicle. Today’s tires are designed specifically for certain types of vehicles, road conditions, and weather conditions. Advancements in technology have also created tires that last longer, stop faster and run more quietly than ever before. Newer all season tires can provide good all around weather traction.   Click here to learn more about Tires & Alignments.