Radiator Repair

Walt’s wrote the book on radiators! WALT’S AUTO CARE CENTERS specializes in cooling & heating system diagnostics and repairs.

repairing car radiator

Technician shown here replacing a customers waterpump and radiator cap.



HOT TIPS: Check your antifreeze/coolant levels on a weekly basis, especially in extreme temperatures. Most vehicles have see-through, plastic reservoirs, clearly marked with fill lines to make it easy. Whatever you do, don’t open the radiator cap when the vehicle is hot, you’ll be scalded. If your radiator fluid is low, top it off in the reservoir. Be sure you use the proper radiator fluid (this should be listed in your owner’s manual), mixed with the proper amount of water (read the packaging for the next mixture).


It’s also a good idea to have your vehicle’s radiator flushed by a service professional at least every other year (this involves emptying the radiator and flushing it out with water).


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